East Elementary, Cedar City, UT - Incentives

Image Title Amount
Pedometer- All students who Register receive a Pedometer to wear at our Eagle Run.
Maverick CHILLER or Maverick Cookie for students who bring in a donation of any amount. $0.01
Squishy Monster Backpack Clip $20.00
Reach your $40 pledge goal and receive a thirst quenching East Elementary Water Bottle! $40.00
Bouncy Inflatable Beach Ball $65.00
You'll have a blast at your Picnic with the Principal $100.00
Become a Pledge Superstar and receive the coveted Secret Basement Tour $200.00
Glow in the Dark Mohawk or Headband $300.00
Classrooms that reach their Classroom Goal receive a PINATA PARTY!
Teachers! When your class reaches the classroom goal, 10% is awarded to YOU for YOUR classroom!